Next program: May 11 until 15, 2020

The 1-week bootcamp will help you explore a US market entry and decide when and how it makes sense for your company.

You will go through an intensive week to reflect on your company's focus, go-to-market strategy, business model and pricing for the US market; you will attend workshops around fundraising, B2B sales and digital marketing; and go through pitching exercises with best in class pitch coaches.

The program ends and culminates with a Pitch Night. At the end of the program, you may get the unique opportunity to showcase your venture during a Pitch Night with key players in the NY tech ecosystem.

Explore the benefits of the program in more detail below.


You will have 1:1 sessions with mentors (entrepreneurs and industry leaders) from ERA's 500+ mentor network. You will get input on go-to-market, pricing an other topics relevant to a US expansion. 


You attend workshops on fundraising with ERA's expert in-house investment team; B2B sales on how to sell and market to a US customer base; and digital marketing on different marketing tools for the US market.



You get to ask questions related to legal, financial, marketing, IT or other topics to ERA’s partners and sponsors who hold office hours.

Office Hours

Working at the ERA offices means you bump into other startup entrepreneurs, mentors or investors who you can connect with.



Pitching exercises are pitches  to live audiences that will give direct feedback. If you are pitch ready, you will get the opportunity to pitch at the final Pitch Night.

Pitch Events


You become part of a network where you can reach out to other alumni for advice and connections. You receive our newsletters and have access to our ERA Global branded events.

Alumni Network